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BRFC Principles & Code of Conduct Updated 3/25/2012

Four Club Principles and Player/Coach/Member Code of Conduct (PDF Here)

Since 1981, BRFC has operated and played the game of rugby under a set of principles. These principles should guide our actions on and off the field. It is expected that all club players adhere to and embrace these principles as they play the sport of rugby at Beaconsfield Rugby Football Club.

These principles are for all players, coaches, coordinators and club administers. Members before and members that will follow have and will in the future; always do their best to act by these principles.

1) Respect: We expect this quality expressed to anyone we engage with on the field and off. This includes one's teammates, coaches, referees, opponents, spectators, and the community at large.

Player, coach & member conduct: be respectful and have self-control

2) Integrity: A true sportsman's guiding principle. Carry oneself with honesty and integrity and you will never lose.

Player, coach & member conduct: be accountable, be a good sport, be reliable, be honest, be strong, be flexible, earn your position.

3) Acceptance: Rugby as a sport has a long history of welcoming people from all different walks of life. Fully embracing this trait, BRFC has always been a melting pot of personality and culture. It is woven into our fabric and makes us who we are.

Player, coach & member conduct: greet and welcome all new players, welcome youth players to senior ranks, embrace diversity, encourage friendship, hold no grudges,

4) Commitment: When you join BRFC, you are accepted into a large, extended community of players (of all ages), coaches, alumni and club supporters - and is in essence - an extended family. As a result, you are committed to supporting and protecting this family as if it were your own.

Player, coach & member conduct:: train hard, perform at your best, be on time, be unafraid, and be loyal & dedicated to your teammates, coaches and club,

Beaconsfield Rugby Football Club

Against all adversity

Respect / Integrity / Acceptance / Commitment