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  Senior Women Admin

Recruitment 2015 Updated 2/18/2015

We are currently recruiting for our upcoming 2015 season.

Our 2015 Senior Women’s team is looking for women over the age of 18 who would be interested in playing with us this season. No prior rugby experience is required, and in rugby 15’s, which makes up the bulk of our season, we need players of all shapes, sizes, and talents.

During the summer, we practice twice a week, and play on Saturdays. Our practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Beaconsfield, and games are held during the daytime on Saturday.

During the off-season, we also have plenty of activities to help our teammates get into better shape, and get more comfortable going into the rugby season, such as fitness training, and indoor touch rugby.

If you would be interested in coming out and giving BRFC, and rugby, a “try,” please send a note to Brittnie Asselin-Cowling, our Senior Women’s Director, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the upcoming season.

Looking forward to seeing you on the pitch!

Kicking off the 2014 Season at Home Updated 5/29/2014
BRFC Senior Women will be kicking off the 2014 season at home against Ste Anne's this Saturday, May 31.
After many months of training, the ladies are eager and ready to start off the new season. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so come out and cheer on our teams in BRFC's first triple-header of the season, starting with the women, and followed by our two men's teams.
The ladies kick off at 11:00AM this Saturday, May 31, at Beaconsfield High School: 250 Beaurepaire Dr, Beaconsfield.

2013 Senior Womans' Registration Updated 4/17/2013

2013 "Online" Registrations

All 2013 BRFC registrations (Youth, Junior & Senior) are being done "online" using the iTSports online system.

Live BRFC / Rugby Canada/ Rugby Quebec link just below:


The online system is being used on a National basis by all clubs and players and is part of the Rugby Canada program. 

Information & Registration Sessions Sunday April 21st at Club West Island (1.00pm to 3.00pm)

Senior Registration: Shorts and socks will be available for sale at CWI. Volvox Sports will also be there with balls, mouth guards, and other rugby related gear for sale. 

Senior registration fee is $325 + a processing fee (out of our control) for a total of $334.69. Payment in full and by credit card only. Anyone who is a referee, coach or admin or temporary player, we will hold off and deal with latter as this might create online issues -- just do senior player registrations only. 

Saturday May 26th HOME GAME Updated 5/30/2012

               Whenever I have a hard day at work, all I think about is how hard those 80 minutes on Saturday will be, and suddenly work doesn't seem so bad anymore. At some points all you want to do is spit out your mouth guard and walk off the pitch. When you're sitting in the end zone after the other team has scored five tries against you and you can't breathe, it's hard to tell yourself that you need to go back out there and try your hardest. It's hard to look your coach in the eye and tell them you are ready for whatever you are going to encounter on that pitch; whether it's a rolled ankle, a high tackle that leaves you feeling like your spine broke in half, or a punch to the face from the opposition's front row in a scrum.

                But that's what we did against Laval. They scored the first try five minutes in and immediately they were on a roll. It felt like the games against Brome and the Barbs all over again. But this time was a bit different, and we all felt that. Our forwards were definitely stronger and had more endurance than theirs and our backs could run circles around their entire team.

                After half-time, we walked back onto the pitch with a renewed sense of who we were and what we wanted this game to be about.  Our first try felt like it happened immediately after the game started. What made the try that much more exciting was that it was scored by Veronique Landry, one of our newest players who came up from our junior's program.

                "We felt like proud mommas!" said Emily and Steph, former BRFC players turned BRFC cheerleaders.

                Coach Leah Olson couldn't agree more, saying she almost cried watching from the sidelines.

                We were, no doubt, showing Laval how to play good, clean rugby. Dawn Manhertz scored our second try and Karina Gevas, another junior-turned-senior kicked a beautiful conversion.

                We could never forget Lauren Valliere, the third junior to join the senior team this year, who got out on the field and tackled so hard you could hear the whole crowd cringe and murmur, "that's gotta hurt!"

                In the end, we lost, but this weekend we're getting another chance to prove that BRFC is a force to be reckoned with. If you want to come watch us, we'll be at Club de Rugby Les Nomades located at 2375 Boulevard Daniel Johnson in Laval.

Ormstown 7's Tournament Updated 5/2/2012

"We're insane," was my first thought as we walked onto the rugby pitch in below-zero degree weather in Huntingdon on Saturday, April 28th. We showed up at 9am, armed with blankets, sleeping bags, coats, sweaters, and enough orange slices and Sweet Chili Heat Doritos to feed both the rugby team and four senior men disguised as our cheerleaders. We were ready to face the Ormstown Spring Classic in style.

                Needless to say, our warm-up did the job and we were ready on the pitch at 10:30am to play Ormstown's second Senior Women's team. Ormstown scored the first try of the game in the first half but we quickly bounced back, scoring right after their failed conversion kick. Unfortunately our streak didn't last very long and we lost the first game 5-14.

                In our second game of the day (against Ormstown once more) one of our newest players, Maxine Rist, showed her fearlessness by tackling girls who have played at Quebec and Canada levels. Veronique Landry also made her name known when she scored a try after running the full length of the field in our last game against Brome Lake. Dawn Manhertz, captain of the sevens team, was responsible for two of the tries scored that day.

                Despite the wind stealing our ball from lineouts, the freezing cold, the three losses, and the ten push-ups I received as punishment for saying the dreaded M-word, we all took this chance to get to know each other and grow as a team. Our defense got better as the day went on and our rucking improved with every tackle.

                Don't miss our next game at Beaconsfield High School on May 5th against Brome Lake. Kickoff is at 1:30pm. See you there!

Senior Women Updated 4/17/2013

Senior Women

It is with great excitement that we can announce the Coaching Staff for BRFC Women's Team 2012: 

HEAD COACH - Leah Olson



The short term goals and long term plan promise to push our recently reborn team into a competitive contender. The incredible experience this coaching team brings will develop our forwards and backs and offers exciting opportunities for players both new to the sport, all the way to elite minded athletes. 

We look forwards to the continuing growth of the Women's program and pride ourselves in being a warm and welcoming club both new and experienced players. This promises to be a truly exciting summer for our club! 

The 2010 season saw the rebirth of the Beaconsfield women's team after a long hiatus.  With a lot of hard work and heavy recruiting, a dedicated and ambitious group of women assembled to form an amazing team.  They competed in Division B of the Quebec Provincial Rugby League and considering it was for many players, their first experience with rugby ever, they had a very successful season.

Under the coaching of Leah Olson, the girls are looking forward to another season of growing numbers and improving players.  

Program Info:


  • $325 - for senior player