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The BRFC Story Updated 4/6/2013

In 1982, Beaconsfield Rugby Football Club was established. At that time, there were only a few local clubs in the region and many within the west island rugby community were calling for a new alternative to the few well established names. Starting a new club takes energy and passion as recruiting new players, can be a daunting and challenging task when stronger more established clubs exist.

The early leaders in the club's first five years included players such as Randy Ketterling, Vince Crysler, David Finnagan, Mike Montagano and Clive Gibson. They did the hard work and brought in enough players to start the first BRFC team (which played in Division 2). The photo above is of that first BRFC team sitting on the steps of Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield.

Those first few years (1982 to 1985) saw the young players at BRFC grow with confidence and maturity for the game. Led by player/coach Neil Thomson (a fierce prop from Scotland) that team went on to win the club's first cup championship. They won the 2nd Division Cup in 1984 against an older and more experienced Irish team. Neil Thomson is seen (to the right) accepting the club's first set of jerseys from the late mayor of Beaconsfield Roy Kemp (these jerseys were donated by Mr. Roy Kemp).

At that point, after that first cup win, BRFC had made its mark in the Quebec Rugby League, and thereafter was no longer considered the "new kid on the block".

Over the years, BRFC has had the great fortune of attracting many players and coaches who wanted to contribute and be a part of the BRFC story. In the club's first ten years, we were known as a spirited team (often being self coached), perhaps even the underdog - who consistently garnered wide support from the rugby community. The club and its players were not afraid to challenge traditional thinking. Whether it was the way the club went on tour to the Toronto 7s or the Washington tours, or the way it tried to transform football and hockey players into rugby players, the club was known as a scrappy, dynamic team that could succeed and always be a contender.

Past coaches: Over the club's history many coaches have volunteered their time to come out and help the club and its young players. As the club members get a little older, and a little busier with their jobs, family and other responsibilities, perhaps one now only fully recognizes the sacrifices of personal time that these coaches made by leading and coaching many of the BRFC practices and games.

On behalf of all BRFC Alumni and all current BRFC players we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following past coaches (non-BRFC players) who gave their precious time to the club; Berni Bonenberg, David Hardy, Raymond Eagleson, Peter Inman, José Luis Aiguirre, Mike Lome, Stephen Kaplan and Guillermo Gulli.

Many active BRFC players were also heavily involved in coaching and their time spent keeping the program moving forward is greatly appreciated. A few names such as Neil Thomson, Gerry Clayton and Al Hawes and most recently Scott Gill on the men's side, and Roy Cadden, Shawn Mcdonaugh, Sean Smith and Tim Quinn on the women's side are notable standouts. Tommo is playing a huge part in re-establishing the women's 2010 program.

BRFC moved up to Quebec's top division in 1987. In 2008, following an undefeated season, a cup championship, and a league reform in 2007, the club moved to the newly formed Premier division and our 2nd's moved to the Reserves division

Recently, the club has experienced massive expansion. In 2010, under the guidance of Keith Matthews and a large number of dedicated volunteers, BRFC registered more than 120 players under the age of 16.  The U18 boys program, coached by Andrew Miller, Stuart McNab, and Mike Bowman took home the inaugural Quebec AAA U18 Provincial Championship. By 2013 over 200 junior players will wear proudly wear the club's colors.  

Our womens programs are now in full swing because of the hard work of Jane Webb and the great support from other club members.  Coached by Head Coach, Leah Olson and Assistant Coaches Tim Quinn and Duncan Oswald, the program promises to keep growing and developing players from beginners to elite athletes.  The Junior Girls program offers a glimpse of how strong our program has become and the potential it has by winning the prestigious New York 7's Tournament in November 2011.

Big things are happening at BRFC....